JBL brand is constantly improving its products and technologies so musicians and music lovers can have freedom to grow and self-express. The musical partner of FACES&LACES 2019 has been working closely with the exhibition for several years, supporting and developing the community and street culture. This year the exposition of the brand will become a metaphor for the concept of "SUBCULTURAL GENETICS". One of the walls at JBL's space will become a mood board, where the guests can trace the history of FACES&LACES exhibition, including the musical part, as well as follow the main technological breakthroughs of the brand during the same period of time.
This year for the first time FACES&LACES will have a collaborative pop-up lecture space, created together with Nike Sportswear. This is a place where the key vector will be the exchange of experience through direct communication between the participants of the exhibition project, including the heroes of the international scene, and guests.

The lecture space at the exhibition will be the start of a special summer program of the Nike Off Script project composed of art, fashion and music with a subcultural background curated by FACES&LACES – a series of events in the Nike BOX Msk and the brand's flagship store on Kuznetsky most. Open discussions and exhibitions by musicians, artists and specialized community will become the semantic center of the program, inspiring the audience to think outside the frames and limitations. The first to undertake this mission will be the participants of FACES&LACES, who will talk about their views on modern street culture.
Alternative UNOFFICIAL STAGE by Converse at FACES&LACES 2019 won't be less loud. Throughout both days, up-and-coming artists representing Russian punk, rock and rap scenes, will perform at the garage workshop themed stage.

On Sunday FACES&LACES UNOFFICIAL STAGE by Converse will host a Ukrainian Memphis rap producer DJ SACRED who is praised by critics, a young hip hop formation 555TRAKS555 and a rap collective PRATZTAL FRACTAL, that takes inspiration in the sound of "dirty South" from the 90s.

Apart from music program, the space next to UNOFFICIAL STAGE by Converse will also have a customization corner. Guests will be able to personalize their clothing items, including bandanas and Converse sneakers.
Diadora will demonstrate its heritage in the entourage of the office space of the 90s. The Italian brand will present an impressive installation, revealing its history through archive silhouettes, facts about the used technologies and models from the fresh collection, the lookbook of which refers to the style of the last century's last decade.
The Element brand will demonstrate the collaboration named «Spilt Paint» made with American artist Chad Eaton, known as TIMBER!. He will personally present it at FACES&LACES. During the first day of the event the artist will design the wall with skate decks in front of the guests. And on 9th of June TIMBER! will customize items. It will be possible to win the artist-designed skate deck and customization by participating in activations in the brand's social networks.
PUMA's project will become a hyperbolized reflection of the CELL amortization technology. JOY is one of the key brand values, that can also be recognised as the feeling of happiness and excitement — that is what guests of the exhibition would be able to experience. The base of PUMA CELL FUNKY TOWN design goes from the prototype of PUMA CELL Alien and CELL Stellar sneakers.
Casio G-SHOCK will make an increased version of series GA-2000 flagman model. Guest will learn about GA-2000 features and test the removable belt, that gives users the possibility to change the style of watches. Supporting videos for the models of GA-200 and the campaign about professional panna football players, BMX and skate riders, will be demonstrated on the installed screen. The space will be designed by Moscow-based art-illustrator Egor Golopolosov.
BUD66 brand will present a joint collection with the streetwear brand ZIQ & YONI. The collaboration is inspired by the idea of COMMUNITY66 — the formation of a community that unites residents of the metropolis from completely different subcultures and creative directions. The project has an ambitious goal – to show authentic visual code that fully embodies the aesthetics of new BUD66. The collection includes 7 iconic items: T-shirts and longsleeves in red and black, hoodies, bombers, vests, coaches, and fanny packs. Guests of the event will be able to buy items, visit the COMMUNITY66 private bar and take pictures in the mirror room space.
At the exhibition dating app Badoo will present the collaboration with local brand "Murmurism" and the new philosophy of the service, formed in a slogan "Be yourself with me". Guests of the first floor of the space will be able to see the collection in the pop-up store. The second floor will provide the best panoramic view to the main stage.

Badoo x Murmurism collection consists of t-shirts, hoodies, scarfs, socks and shopping bags with ironic text prints.
СODERED will present a conceptual project with three key elements: music, visualisation and product.

Music will be presented in a form of audio almanac telling the story of the brand. People who were and are related to the brand will perform with personal DJ-sets.

The visual part will be an installation made of 13 elements, customly made of iconic regular items that reflect genetic code of the brand.

The brand will also show previews of the upcoming drops —it will be only possible to see them after pre-registration.
At FACES&LACES this year Coca-Cola will build an interactive space looking like a stylized container. Inside of it guests would be able to take pictures and get a can of their favorite drink personalised exclusively with their picture. This initiative is a part of Coca-Cola Stories summer campaign that calls for the teenagers inspiration for self-expression.
Naked is a smoothie brand founded in 1983 in California. At FACES&LACES 2019 Naked will create a space that combines a lounge zone and a food court by Soul in the Bowl. It will be designed by Natasha Jola — an illustrator experienced in international exhibitions and publications, HSE School of design curator of "Animation and illustration" program.
Russian underground brand Volchok together with the Indonesian bar and skate spot Pretty Poison (Bali island), supported by Faces&Laces Locals have created a collaboration, inspired by international friendship and re-evaluation of the skateboarding's roots and its symbols. The collection will be presented at FACES&LACES 2019.

Items of the collection are made in a monochrome style common for both brands. Longsleeves design concept combines classic identity of Pretty Poison and reimagined logo of Volchok brand which symbolizes international friendship. Black t-shirt has a photo print that recreates the picture from the Trasher magazine, made during the legendary trip of foreign riders to USSR, but in modern context — in Pretty Poison's longsleeve and with the "Russian Underground" pin. The design in white has a picture of a classic Moscow skateboarding spot VDNH on it.
The key element of Sintezia brand's project at the exhibition will be audiovisual installation «CENTRIFUGE». It will have a central dome and two gallery wings, that will house the works of KIBERMODERN gallery artists and stained-glass stalls with products. Shoes, bags, backpacks and clothes represented on the site will be inspired by the works of the gallery artists. The spherical projection for the dome will be created in collaboration with media artists from the BF-6* project.

Sintezia installation is a physical model of human perception of the world and the constant work of the mind on ordering of data in the Internet era. At the entrance the visitors will see the chaos of art and clothing, which refers to the information overload of the person in the modern world. Then they will enter inside the dome, where all these chaotic things will begin to transform and start making sense, and at the exit the visitor will see the picture in order and a coordinated set of the same objects.
The Goldman sisters clothing brand will build a cage formed space and will present a performance accompanied by the musician Pasha Eremeev (Holy Palms, Usssy) inside of it. The cage will be the illustration of a rigid system and frames in which people are put in. Sculptures that are set inside are the reflection of those who have come to terms with what is happening. People in strange clothes and unusual poses are those ones who resist, trying to fight with the frames and go beyond them in all sorts of ways. But only the chosen ones will be able to achieve this: the real creators, for whom there are no barriers.
23-meter high #Slonik is the world's tallest inflatable sculpture and the biggest one among those created in Russia. #Slonik should draw people's attention to the problem of elephant abuse and extinction of their latest species. The population of these animals has become two times less only in the period from 2007 to 2014 — the author of the sculpture, Mikhail Tsaturyan, insists that further negative actions will damage the entire ecological chain, including humans. At the end of August Tsaturyan will show #Slonik at Burning Man festival. And for the FACES&LACES exhibition artist has prepared a reduced five-meter version made of holographic polyurethane.
Within a joint project of FACES&LACES and "Yula" online service a unique selection of rare sneakers will appear on the platform. Project curator is a well-known collector Dmitry "Gabonskaya Gadyuka" Egorov, the first editor of the Russian edition of Sneaker Freaker magazine, the creator and editor-in-chief of the magazine K. E. D., permanent curator of FACES&LACES projects related to the sneaker industry.

Pairs from the selection will be available at "Yula" and offline at the exhibition.
White Crow
The White Crow brand at FACES&LACES 2019 will present a project dedicated to conscious consumption. The brand team will do visitor's clothes customization, bringing to the attention the problem of waste sorting. In addition, exclusively for the exhibition a capsule by Recycle Crow was prepared — it consists of accessories made from the unused pieces of fabrics.
The founder of the brand ONETWO was born and grew up in a small industrial town in Tula region. In his childhood neither chain stores of clothes, skateboard shops nor the concept of street clothes existed. Everyone went to buy clothes at the local clothing market and the product range was formed by an "elite group" of shuttle-traders. Shuttle-traders are the most underrated subculture of the 1990s and the brand would like to reveal their history and spirit in its project at FACES&LACES. At the exhibition ONETWO will make their space in the form of a huge linen checkered bag.

The first half of the space will be an imitation of a tent-shop of the 1990s: Soviet-time hoodies and bright shorts on the hangers that are put on the plastic multicolor chains; an improvised fitting room made with a piece of colorful fabric and cardboard on the floor; storage in classic checkered bags and mannequins.

The second part of the project will be an atmospheric space with an interactive map of shuttle-traders routes, their slang, and a projector broadcasting a video interview with former members of this unique profession.
Brand 616 will present the installation, symbolizing the protest against chaotic information consumption. On the video guest of FACES&LACES 2019 will seethe mannequins, dressed in 616 jumpsuits, watching fragments of social networks feed mixed with graphic noise. The jumpsuit itself is the original and basic utilitarian item of the brand, reflecting the choice in favor of conscious minimalism in terms of appearance and use of information technology.
Nikita Virronen brand is famous for its unusually coloured accessories, crafted from genuine leather. At the exhibition brand will build a white cubical space and present backpacks also all in white color. All sides of the cube and the products themselves will be designed in a free style by the artist Alisa Yoffe. Her works are presented in the galleries of modern art and she already have worked with such brands as Comme Des Garcons and Maison Margiela. Thus, at the exhibition Virronen will raise the theme of mixing styles and cultures.
Blank Gang
Blank Gang studio will present at FACES&LACES 2019 a project dedicated to the history of merch and its production.

Merch is an important part of culture that affects people through memory, a sense of nostalgia and a sense of belonging. Blank Gang will tell about that in the museum part, showing collection of trophies of a man who has long been collecting artifacts associated with favorite groups — posters, T-shirts, cassettes and vinyl. As a background to the exhibition content the projector will broadcast live performances on the wall.

In the other part of the brand's space guests would be able to experience guided excursions and interactive lectures. There they will learn about all stages of production — from fabric cutting to tags on ready to wear items.
Solo project of the artist Anton Bundenko. Futureisnown study the new reality of the digital age from human self-determination point of view , and after that come up with a thematic functional design,on its basis creating objects that include clothing items.

FACES&LACES 2019 will host a new event from the Futureisnown Campus. The workshop-lecture "Future is feelings" will focus on human and machine empathy. The Futureisnown space will become a laboratory, where the staff dressed in working robes will prepare drafts and schemes that can be used later in reality. In one of the exhibition's days visitors will be able to attend a workshop-lecture. There everyone would learn more about the topic of study and also participate in creating prototypes, painting some graphic elements.

In addition, visitors will be able to look through the preliminary version of the book, which will have information on all spheres, studied by Futureisnown and all the objects, developed by them.
Rodchenko School
The installation of the Rodchenko School this year will consist of three parts, each of them will rethink the subculture as a part of the cultural code. The first is a catalogue of a hundred objects belonging to representatives of different communities of the past and the present and forming a special visual language. The second will talk about the integration of subcultures in today's reality, the impact of mixing directions and commercialization. In the third part, the vision will be presented by the neural network, the training set of it is selected in accordance with the theme of this year's exhibition.
As part of the exhibition Novaya will build a system of interactive light portals. At FACES&LACES 2019 the brand will present a limited-edition Liniya Pobeda collection dedicated to budget travel. The capsule is an optimal set of items with a large number of removable sections that can be changed, added and reduced depending on the situation. Thanks to such removable modules, you can bring more necessary things without violating the rules of hand-luggage transportation on low-cost airlines. Especially for FACES&LACES exhibition Novaya is also preparing a drop with mentioning Moscow and Saint-Petersburg coordinates and referencing to FACES&LACES.
The history of the Russian BMX will be introduced to the visitors of FACES&LACES 2019 by a group of friends that is promoting this street culture since 2010. Archive photographs, digitized video cassettes and artifacts, including flyers, posters and autographs of foreign pro-riders who had visited Moscow —all this will be exhibited in the PRAVDA's space. Also members of the community will tell about its own history with a photo exhibition, present printed publications from their trip to Israel, Barcelona and show a summer drop of items prepared exclusively for FACES&LACES 2019.